St. Isiddore Chapel, first Catholic church built in Hebbronville on 1890.

1892-1926: First Missionaries of Hebbronville 

1892: Fr. Emilio J. Ylla resided in Aguilares and from there started to go to Hebbronville to preach the Catholic faith.

1898: On St. Anthony’s day, June 13th Fr. Miguel Puig started to build the first chapel with the help of Mr. Silvestre Gutierrez, Mr. James McGovern and Mr. Narciso Peña. 

1890: The first chapel was completed on October 17th dedicated to St. Isidore.

1920: Fr. Pedro Bard who resided in San Diego used to come to Hebbronville to celebrate Sacraments.

1922: Fr. Leonard Cunningham C.P. substituted Fr. Bard after he passed away. The chapel was named St. Isidore Parish of Hebbronville.

1925: Fr. E.M. Bruyn continued to come to Hebbronville from San Diego and then Fr. Juan Bautista Lavoie

1925: The first Jamaica in benefit to the Catholic Church in Hebbronville held place.

Franciscan friars arrived in Hebbronville in 1926.

1926: Franciscan friars arrived in Hebbronville

July 20th: Fr. Bernardino Madueño arrived to Laredo seeking for a shelter for the Franciscans of the Saints Francis and James Province, escaping religious persecution.

August 4th: Bishop Emmanuel B. Ledvina from the Diocese of Corpus Christi granted permission to the Franciscans to stay in Hebbronville and appointed Fr. Madueño as Pastor.

August 6th: The first three Franciscan friars arrived to Hebbronville: Fr. Bernardino Madueño, Fr. Jose Guadalupe Torres and Fr. Pascual Ruiz.

August 15th: The first Franciscan seminarians arrived in Hebbronville.

November 1st: Bishop Ledvina signs the contract with Franciscans and confers perpetual rights of the Hebbronville Parish and assigns the following missions to their care: Realitos, Concepcion, La Gloria, Bruni, Oilton, Mirando City, Aguilares, Ramirez, Cejita, Copita, Crestonio, El Cíbolo, La Salada, Mazatlan, Tienditas, Ojuelos and Laurel.

November 7th: First First Holy Communions in Hebbronville.

The histroic Scotu College built by the Franciscans  in 1944.

1927-1952: Ministry by the Franciscans

1927: July 9th, the Franciscan obtained permission to change the patroness of the Parish to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

1930: July 21st, the Little Flower School construction started

1931: May 3rd, the Secular Franciscan Order was established in Hebbronville.

1931: The first four Franciscan priest that were formed in Hebbronville were ordained and celebrated their First Mass here in Hebbronville.

1932: November 4th, the land for the Cemetery was donated to the Franciscans.

1936: May 24th, Mrs. Marie Stella Turcotte Kennedy donated the main altar built in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 

1939: April 2nd, the Knights of Columbus were established in Hebbronville.

1940: March 28th, the construction of the Scotus College started and finished on 1944.

The new Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe built in 1964.

1952-2000: Parish life in the Diocese of Corpus Christi

1952: The Franciscan seminarians were able return to Mexico. The Scotus College was closed as a seminary.

1956: The construction of the new main church started.

1964: The new main church was finished.

1970: The first old chapel was demolished.

2000-present: Parish life in the Diocese of Laredo

2000: July 3rd, 2000. The Diocese of Laredo was formed and Mons. James A. Tamayo was appointed as its first Bishop.

2000: According to new Diocese territory, the only missions in charge of the Franciscan friars are Bruni, Oilton and Mirando. 

The last couple of years the Franciscan had made remarkable improvements to the main church and to the Scotus College building.

2026: The 100 years anniversary of the Franciscan presence in Hebbronville!